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Release 2.34.0 (07.10.2020)
Release 2.34.0 (07.10.2020)
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Automated Printing: Print Node API support for Micro and Starter plans

At the moment the Print Node integration for automated printing is available from the Basic plan. Until now smaller plans were able to use Google Cloud Print, but it will be discontinued on the 31st of December 2020 by Google and we want to provide an alternative to our users.

Print Node provides a free Lite account which allows you to print up to 50 documents per month which you can now use with Printout Designer if you are on Micro or Starter plan.

Step 1: Create a PrintNode account here.
Step 2: Create an API key in PrintNode.

Step 3: Insert PrintNode API key to Printout Designer > Settings > PrintNode

Testing Automation Rule conditions

You can now easily test if your order passes the conditions added to the Automation Rule, so you can make sure that correct order triggers the rule. The rule can be tested without saving changes.

Improved Billing Details

You can now specify "billing email address" which is used to send any information related to your billing.

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