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Debugging issues related to PrintNode
Debugging issues related to PrintNode

In this article, you can find solutions for the most common issues related to PrintNode

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The first important thing is to make sure that the PrintNode client is installed on your computer and it is running. The computer must be connected to the Internet to receive print commands as it acts as a proxy between the PrintNode service and your printer.

How to "reset" a setup and start over
1) Remove all of your devices from the PrintNode and deactivate the "autoprint" rule
Login to the PrintNode client with provided credentials on a computer that is attached/connected to printers and will be used as a "proxy" to print documents from Printout Designer.
2) Open the "autoprint" automation rule in Printout Designer, assign the correct printer, mark the rule as active and save.
3) Open Settings > Print Node and set the default printer.
4) You can now test print from the Orders view by selecting one of the orders and clicking "Print via Print Node" in the more (three dots) menu.

Checking the print jobs

If you noticed that some of the orders weren't triggered by an automation rule, please check the print jobs in the PrintNode app. If there is a print command that has been sent to PrintNode service from Printout Designer and also processed by PrintNode, then the issue must be related to PrintNode app on your device. Please contact PrintNode support via for further assistance.

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