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Sending printouts via e-mail
Sending printouts via e-mail
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First step is to create an e-mail template. To create one, navigate to your e-mail Templates view and press on Create button.

Next, fill in the e-mail template creation form. Once you’ve filled all the fields make sure you click on “Save” so that the template actually gets created.

After that, navigate to the Automation Rules view and setup a rule for e-mails.

You need to fill the following fields for Automation Rule:

  • Name (of the Automation Rule)

  • Trigger on Event. Specify the event with which you want to trigger the rule. This event is sent from your e-commerce service to Printout Designer

  • Delay in minutes between event and e-mail being sent

  • E-mail template

  • Conditions filter (optional). You can specify conditions that the order must pass to trigger the Automation Rule. If you specify multiple rules then the order must pass ALL the conditions

  • Active (or inactive)

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