This article is useful when you've already connected PrintNode with the Printout Designer app.

The Automation Rule is a feature which allows you to automatically print your invoices, packings slips and labels.

To create a new Automation Rule, please navigate to Automation Rules > Print Node and click Create.

You need to fill the following fields for Automation Rule:

  • Name – the name of the Automation Rule
  • Trigger on Event – specify the event with which you want to trigger the rule. This event is sent from your e-commerce service to Printout Designer.
  • Printer Name – the printer you've connected and to which your command will trigger to
  • Document Template – select which template is used to generate the printed document
  • Copies – you can specify how many copies of the document are printed
  • Filter (optional) – you can specify conditions that the order must pass to trigger the Automation Rule. If you specify multiple rules then the order must pass ALL the conditions.
  • Active – you can disable or activate the rule any time
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