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Activating your PrintNode account
Activating your PrintNode account
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Basic and Professional plans

To active your PrintNode account navigate to Settings > Print Node in Printout Designer and click Activate your Print Node account.

After the account is activated you will see your PrintNode account credentials which you need to use to login to the PrintNode service once you have installed the PrintNode client.

Please see the PrintNode tutorials to install the PrintNode client and set up your printers.

Important! After setting up the PrintNode client, refresh the PrintNode settings page in Printout Designer to select a default printer. This will be used when clicking Print via PrintNode in the Orders or Products view.

The tutorials can be found here:

Micro and Starter plans

Customers using Micro, Starter plans or any legacy plan below $9.99 price point can use the PrintNode Lite which allows you to print up to 50 documents per month. Please see the detailed tutorial on how to set up the PrintNode Lite with Printout Designer.

Step 1: Create a PrintNode account here.
Step 2: Create an API key in PrintNode.

Step 3: Insert PrintNode API key to Printout Designer > Settings > PrintNode

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