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Release 2.29.0 (15.07.2020)
Release 2.29.0 (15.07.2020)

Release notes for the version 2.29.0

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Automation Rule: Trigger only once

You can now specify if the Automation Rule should be triggered only once per order. This will allow you to create more complex rules - for example, trigger rule when a new tag is added.

Automation Rule: Delayed execution

You can now specify if the Automation Rule execution should be delayed, so other applications can update your order data before the Printout Designer Automation Rule is triggered. This is helpful if you have other applications updating order, for example, tag values that you are using in the Automation Rule condition.

Automation Rule: "Status changed to Disputed" trigger

We have added "Status changed to Disputed" as trigger option for Automation Rule. This is only available for users using the BigCommerce platform.

Print Node: "Fit on page" option

You can now specify if the content should be fit on a page when printing via Print Node service. The option is available in Settings > Print Node

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